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Reloadable Smart Cards

Monthly/Mid Month Pass Program

“You’ll be Riding in Style” all day and every day with your STS                                   “Reloadable Smart Card”

A 30 Day  Reloadable Smart Card is a great cost savings to many passengers who utilize the fixed route bus system on a regular basis.

The 30 Day Smart Card entitles the bearer to ride any fixed route bus, all day, including Saturday.  There is no need to purchase any transfers with a 30 Day Smart Card.  The 30 Day Smart Card is valid from the first day of travel thru the 30th day of travel.  This 30 Day Smart Card is sold for ($50.00) fifty dollars.

Reloadable Transit Smart Cards are convenient to use when riding the fixed route bus system.  A minimum requirement of $5.00 is required when initially obtaining your Reloadable Smart Card.  Once your Reloadable Smart Card is established; any amount (in increments of $5.00) can be applied at any time.

Both types of Smart Cards are available at Union Station in Pottsville or the STS St. Clair facility. Cards can be purchased via cash, debit, or credit card for your convenience at either of these two locations.

Drivers can only apply CASH onto an established Smart Card.